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Vinyl windows are not only manufactured to be the most energy-efficient window available, they also required much less maintenance than other portions of your home.

PVC (Polyvinylchloride) also known a vinyl is extremely durable and resistant to weather. Our window manufacturers use only the highest-quality PVC to ensure the best finished product. Lifetime warranties are offered from most manufacturers on cracking, splitting or other deformations of frame material.

The PVC frames are moulded into extrusions, which are welded (melted) together to form the frames and sashes for your windows.

The airspaces between the different layers of vinyl help to insulate your home from the elements. They create a pocket of dead air, preventing a thermal bridge from the outside to the inside. Built-in weather stripping reduces the amount of air that infiltrates into and out of your home.

"Low E" Insulated Glass (IG)

Glass is the weakest portion of your window. It is a challenge to make the glass thin enough to see through yet thick enough that you don't lose precious energy to the outdoors.

Insulated glass units help to combat this but creating a hermetically sealed unit. The two panes of glass protect against the elements, while the airspace between (filled with an inert gas such as argon) provides valuable insulating qualities.

Warm in the Winter

Titanium coating on the inside of the sealed unit prevents energy from your furnace from escaping – reflecting it back into your home where it belongs.

Cool in the Summer

The same coating reflects the energy of the sun away from the house. It helps to save your interior from harmful UV rays and keeps your rooms more comfortable to stay in.

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