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Our Seven Step Process to Completing Your Project

How to Go From Dreaming to Done

Step 1 – Introductions

Most people find Quality Home Exteriors via an online search or by word-of-mouth. Get in touch by emailing us at info@qualityhomeexteriors.ca or calling us directly at 780-676-0996.

Our goal is to walk you through a simple process that will take your project from "Dream to Done" in no time, with results that will likely exceed your initial expectations.

Step 2 - A Free, No-Obligation Site Visit

Once you've contacted us, one of our representatives will be happy to arrange a free site visit to your home to gather facts and answer any questions you may have. (If you've already filled out our brief online questionnaire, it will speed up this process). This initial visit is to simply listen to your ideas and to share information – with your best interests being our top priority.

Step 3 - Obtain a Quote

In most cases, Quality Home Exteriors will provide you with a quote during our initial site visit. If it's a complicated project with various options, a quote will be sent to you via email within five (5) business days of our initial site visit.

Step 4 – Create Work Order and Set Work Schedule

Once you've gone over your quote and you would like to have Quality Home Exteriors work on your project, we will proceed to set a tentative Work Schedule. Keep in mind that the spring/summer seasons fill up extremely quickly.

At Quality Home Exteriors, we understand there are often areas of your home that are in more need of repair than others. That's why we're happy to complete this work for you in stages. In doing so, Quality Home Exteriors will provide you with a two year labour price guarantee on any remaining project(s) in order to complete all renovations at a later date.

Your Project Work Order

Your sales representative will produce a Work Order for your new products including windows, soffit and fascia, siding or doors. The Work Order details everything that has been agreed upon, including an approximate date for the installation and important notes like "be extra careful near the garden" or "don't let the dog out of the yard."

For products that include custom sizing (new windows and doors usually), we will arrange for a 50% deposit via e-Transfer or Cheque.

All other exterior work will have deposits of 30%.

In all cases, any outstanding balance is due upon completion of the work.

Step 5 – Second Site Visit

If you're having new windows and doors installed, a second site visit is often required in order to confirm proper sizes and measurements. Your installer will be in touch within a few days of receiving your Work Order and will arrange a suitable time to come out. Keep in mind, our installers are knowledgeable and personable and will be happy to answer any questions or take any special instructions related to your requests. After this site visit, your order will be placed.

Step 6 – The Installation Process

Depending on your selections, new windows and doors orders usually arrive within 6 - 12 weeks. Once your shipment arrives, Quality Home Exteriors will contact you to set-up a suitable installation date. In most cases, installation of new windows and doors is a two day process. Soffit and fascia work is also done in 1 - 2 days while siding installation can take up to two weeks to complete.

At the completion of your project, our crew will clean-up, load, and take away any leftover materials/garbage/recyclables/trash, etc. and leave the job site clear of any debris.

In the event of snow, our clean-up crew will do its best under the circumstances but, once warmer temperatures arrive, we would be happy to come back for a second, post-snow clean-up!

Step 7– Follow Up

Final Payment

Upon completion of the installation, we will meet with you and go over the entire installation to ensure it's been done to your complete satisfaction. Once you have signed off on your projects(s), Quality Home Exteriors will receive final payment for the work completed.

Letter of Reference

If you're happy with your finished product, we would love to have you brag about it! There is no better advertising than the kind received from satisfied clients. Once your project is completed to your satisfaction, we'll ask if you would be comfortable providing a letter of recommendation - or even a few kind words – for us to share.

At Quality Home Exteriors, we work hard to meet your expectations and are truly grateful for any kind words you could pass along to family, friends, and neighbours!

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