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Gutters and Down Pipe



Continuos Eavestrough is a critical component in moving water away from the roof and the foundation of your home. A poor eavestrough installation or settling of your home can cause water to overflow or drain back towards your foundation causing basement leaks and erosion problems. It's important to have the correct amount of eavestrough downpipes at the most effective locations to ensure proper drainage. This can be difficult to achieve depending on the natural slopes of the house and the location of driveways and sidewalks. For added convenience, when eavestrough downspouts are installed at ground level, flip up extensions are included to allow you to lift the eavestrough out of the way when mowing the lawn or having a lot of foot traffic.

Eavestrough best used for a home is continuos eavestrough and is professionally installed and seamless, meaning less chance of leaks and much more visually appealing than a sectional eavestrough where seams are required. The aluminum eavestrough comes in a wide range of colours and the finish is baked on giving years of resistance to wear and weather.

Gutter Guard


If you are tired of regularly cleaning and maintaining your eavestrough then there is Gutter Guard, also known as Leaf Guard which is an addition to the eavestrough that prevents clogging of leaves and other debris. The leaves fall on the leaf guard and are blown away since they sit on the top of the eavestrough.

In addition to the function of preventing clogged gutters, Alurex leaf screen will add tremendous strength to your gutter system and also protect the inside of your gutters from hail damage.

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